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Dagmara Klisiewicz - artistic nickname DagaFreya

Owner and Director in Private Dock Nautical Art & Design LTD

Daughter of a sailor...
A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Tarnow, diploma - Exhibitions. In 2001, she got the title Master of Arts and Diploma of Graphic Design specialization Etching in the Institute of Art at the Pedagogical University in Cracow. During her studies she completed the course of drawing in the Department of Industrial Molds at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. 





Owner and Sales Manager in Private Dock Nautical Art & Design LTD

He is a sailor and navigator - first captain in a Private Dock. Watches over the new direction, the organization of activities in the field. Responsible for photographs, landscapes to photos and videos, for the supplies and organization of our art studio. In addition, it creates music for a variety of short videos and for friends. His passion is travelling without navigation and new discoveries, astronomy, sailing and many others.


Currently we constantly travels between England - Spain - Poland, from the sea to sea :)




In 2011, DagaFreya created the first boat cushion and captivated by the project decide then sew only Nautical Art. At the end of 2012 is opened shop Private Dock, where you can find a growing selection of unique, artistic and seafaring projects. During the two years occurred: more than 240 different Yachts Pillow, 40 Images Textile Art, 25 projects of Nautical Fashion Design for women and men. As well as many projects black pirate decor in the Dock. Currently in development is a series of special projects elegant White Pillows Yachts with national flags.

Pillows yachts are popular in many countries, they already sail in showrooms in the United States, the Caribbean, England, Australia and New Zeland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Singapore.
Nautical Textile Art Pictures adorn the walls of private collections in Poland, Australia, United States, Germany and France.

Shop Private Dock was 15 times recommended on Etsy Front Page, both on the US and European website!